computer courses


  Acquire advanced spreadsheet skills crucial for data analysis, financial modeling, and business reporting, enhancing employability and efficiency.

Graphic Designing

Unleash creativity with graphic design skills, opening doors to a world of visual communication, branding, and multimedia content creation.

2d/3d animation

  Dive into the exciting realm of animation, mastering the art of storytelling through dynamic visuals and bringing imagination to life.


Develop precision in drafting and design, mastering AutoCAD for 2D and 3D modeling, crucial for architecture and engineering professions.


 Unlock the power of coding, gaining expertise in programming languages to create software, websites, and applications, and entering the tech industry.

Data Analysis 

Enhance decision-making skills with proficiency in data analysis, leveraging statistical methods and tools to derive insights crucial for business strategies.

About idreamsacademy

Every career aspirant treasures the dream of having a successful career start. However, in the competitive job market of today, this is easier said than done. Basic college education is rarely enough to realize this aspiration, particularly in India. The highly competitive and demanding job market of today is only searching for talented and qualified workers who have a solid understanding of the requirements of the sector. You must possess the information, abilities, and capacity to serve the particular industry you choose to pursue and succeed in if you want to make an impact. This holds true regardless of the industry—technology, mobility services, designing, IT, BFSI, etc.

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